We implement complete unification in the area of payment methods, minimizing the number of suppliers and sales document issuers. 

Payment and invoicing unification 

Depending on the selected method of billing, we sign a contract specifying the terms of settlement of payments for all services booked directly with Blue Sky Travel or provide help with opening a special account for the settlement of business travel expenses. 

Independently of the ordering channel (phone, email, our online booking system, etc.) with each invoice, or once a month, we are able to provide relevant reports, whose format and content we specify during the implementation phase. These reports can also be made available to selected users online.

Minimization of the number of suppliers 

We are able to arrange a booking for each type of service regardless of whether it is an airline ticket, hotel reservation or car rental. In our invoices, we specify all the services ordered and executed through us. What it really means is that from the moment you sign a contract with us, you will be billed by a single business travel service provider, no matter what airline or what hotel was used by the employee. 

Reliable data, useful reports, help with their analysis 

In our business, we collect data on transactions from many different sources. Regardless of the channel via which the information reached us, it is always collected in a single repository of data. This applies both to information on services (carrier, time of booking, etc.), as well as information directly related to the customer's cost settlement structure, e.g. Cost Centers. 

We have developed many useful report templates that we provide to our customers but we are also open to new ideas. If it is possible to provide relevant data to our system - there are no obstacles to produce a report that contains them.

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